Pruning Service


We have been pruning our community’s trees for almost thirty years now. Urban trees should be pruned about every three to ten years depending on their location in on your property. A tree growing in a wooded area may only need a few large dead limbs removed or possibly a limb broken during a recent storm. I tree located in the grassed areas of your yard may need to be pruned and possibly thinned so your trees receive adequate sunlight and airflow inside the canopy of your trees. Thinning your trees will also allow more sunlight to penetrate through and around your trees for healthier shrubbery, groundcover and also a greener healthier lawn. Trees located too close to your home or business may need pruned more often so that they don’t damage your structure due to rubbing branches or lack of sunlight. There are so many different reasons for pruning I could never list them all. One thing is for sure, pruning is not a waste of time or money. The cost to maintain your trees and keep them

Healthy is usually less that the cost to cut or repair your trees later on. Remember, your trees love the attention you give them. Your trees add beauty to your property and are also an asset to your property value!