Stump Removal Service

"Yes, we grind stumps"


A realtor friend once told me that when you sell your home you should paint your front door, put a brass metal kick plate on the bottom, paint your bathroom and kitchen if needed, repair bare spots and remove any STUMPS from your yard. He said that these are the things that potential buyers see and look for first. He said that a poorly maintained yard, front door, bathroom and kitchen says a lot about how that person has maintained the rest of the home and property. So the next time you see that stump in your yard, think about what your neighbors and people walking their dogs are thinking.

We have a large turbo diesel stump machine that can take on the largest stumps you’ll find anywhere in Virginia. We also have a versatile four wheel drive turbo diesel portable stump grinded that will go through narrow gates to access the hardest to get to stumps. This portable machine will also grind huge stumps. So if you have stumps, we have the machine for take on almost any situation you may have. We can usually remove your stumps the same day or the next day of your call, so please call today!